THE THRILL-SEEKERS 1 – Junkie Chase!
April 13th, 2009

THE THRILL-SEEKERS 1 – Junkie Chase!

Welcome to the first episode of my webcomic, WORLD OF HURT!


WORLD OF HURT is my homage to the Black action movies of the 1970s.  

WORLD OF HURT is “Superfly” meets “The Equalizer.”

WORLD OF HURT is about ISAIAH “PASTOR” HURT, a tough, mysterious, stylish and streetwise “fixer.”   He can handle any problem you’ve got…if you’re willing to pay the price.  

Pastor never asks for money, but as payment for his services, he demands two favors to be named later, each to be carried out at a time, place, and manner of his choosing.  No questions asked.   

The first episode, entitled “The Thrill-Seekers” finds Pastor in the middle of an ongoing case to locate a missing Black college student.  Pastor’s search leads him from the slums of the city to a secret club of powerful, high society hedonists.

To find out more about the development of WORLD OF HURT, I encourage you to read more about it here.  

WORLD OF HURT will be updated every Wednesday with a new strip, but I will also update every Friday with commentary and reviews of all things Blaxploitation.  We’ll also get into other films and novels from the era; artists; old-school and new school funk and soul music; and whatever else might seem relevant and/or fascinating.  I hope you’ll make WORLDOFHURTONLINE.COM a regular destination while you’re goofing off at work surfin’ the ‘Net.

WORLD OF HURT has been a long time in the making.  If there are any artists, or other creative souls out there reading this, you know about the battles with self-doubt you face.  In order to get this out here, I had to realize that not everything could be absolutely perfect.  However, it will be a work in progress.  I welcome your input and now that there’s no going back, I’m looking forward to watching my art, and the strip, evolve and improve.  

Overcoming my doubts and fears would have been impossible without the support of my friends and family, and most especially the love and guidance of my girlfriend, Noelle.  She’s the love of my life, my best friend, and the firm kick in the ass I need, all wrapped up in one incredible package.

Finally, I would like to give a special shout out to tech guru, Andy Haworth.  I was going crazy trying to figure out how to get ComicPress running, but in a matter of minutes (MINUTES, y’all), my man Andy figured the whole thing out and brought this site to life.  Check out Andy’s site, Shameful Cinema, for great reviews on all the best (and worst) in exploitation cinema.

Well, that’s it for now.  Get to readin’, and I’ll see you on Wednesday with the next installment in The Thrill-Seekers.


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  1. Guess Who? says:

    Hooray! I’m very proud of you. It looks great.

  2. This looks awesome! Good job, I will be in for the long haul.

  3. Fear Abby says:

    More! More! I want to see more!!!

  4. Andy says:

    You did it! The first strip looks great and I can’t wait to see how it develops! Great launch!

  5. Prince Valiant in the Bronx. How colorful! Will Pastor meet El Hombre del Muerte?

  6. admin says:

    The original concept concept was “Beetle Bailey’s Lt. Fuzz in Red Hook,” so you’re not far off…

    An El Hombre Del Muerte crossover is intriguing. Can a badass brother with a mysterious past and a giant, mute Mexican with an undying thirst for revenge get along? I don’t know, but I like it, if for no other reason than the Black/Brown coalition will make “The Man” nervous.

  7. All it needs is a litlle funk music, for the chase scene. Dude you should post that illustration you did for El Hombre Muerte, if only to make the “Angry White Man” happy.

  8. Chris Sims says:

    Hey, congratulations! Here’s to the first of many!

  9. your 2nd biggest fan says:

    …behind that sweet lovely Noelle gal…congrats, looks great, and i look forward to more!

  10. Ramon says:

    Excellent work, my brother!

  11. kumajin says:


    About damn time! I just spent the last two weeks in Savannah; Where the hell you been?

  12. Kirstin D. says:

    Terrific concept and first episode! I’e bookmarked it and will be following

  13. admin says:

    Y’all have been too kind! Thanks for tuning in.

    Crap, now I’ve really got to step up my game now that I know folks are paying attention. Stick around for the ride, and I won’t let you down. To paraphrase Bill Duke in Predator, “We’re gonna have us some fun.”

    Remember, the next strip goes up on Wednesday…

  14. My brother, Wayne, hipped me to your comic… the work looks beautiful and the concept is fresh! I Iook foward to reading additional installments!

  15. tom kelly says:

    awesome stuff as ever jay this rocks!!!!!! man i just love the way you draw kick ass man of action!

  16. tom kelly says:

    hey jay when you get a chance check out my webcomic over on zuda it’s called the stuffed animal sagas here is the link

  17. Aaron says:

    Nice work, man. Can’t wait for more.

  18. admin says:

    Thanks, Aaron.

    Thankfully, I didn’t keep you waiting too long. New update today!

    - JEP

  19. [...] of the alley and bring us back to the street where the action began in the first strip, “Junkie Chase.”  However, those two ladies just completely hijacked this week’s strip from me! [...]

  20. Great art, Jay. You’re really living up to your influences. I’m looking forward to reading this one in its entirety.

  21. Jay Potts says:

    Thanks for the feedback! So far after the initial run date, most folks might not bother, because they think I might not see it. I’m certainly glad that you did and I appreciate the kind words.

    - JEP

  22. anewfan says:

    just found out about this through kickstarter. very cool. love the story.
    you gotta pick up a copy of Parker, theres two parts and a third coming, great story taking place in NY during the 1960s, another tough man out to settle a score

  23. Jay Potts says:

    I’m definitely glad you came by and decided to comment. It’s always good to hear from folks. I do have the two Parker trades and they’re fantastic! Another collection I’d recommend would be Blacksad published by Dark Horse. All three stories in the book are taught noir thrillers with amazing art.

    - JEP

  24. STARR RAY of Imagination Station Studios says:

    Nice Work. Its interesting. I saw your video interview on one of the Black Age of Comics site and went to your website from there. I’m very new to the East Coast Black Age but I’m not new to the creation and development of great Characters, Stories and Family Entertainment. I wanted to wish you well and possibly will see you at soemof the upcoming conventions. Are you circulating on the WestCoast yet ? If not me and my team could really help you get that going. We have some outstanding things going on that I can’t mention on this site, but if we get a chance to talk or directly communicate then I’ll give you the scoop. I’d like to get some merchandise signed by you when I buy it. Can you make that happen?

    Speak to you soon

    4 Real as Always


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