No “Justice,” No Peace

You know I like to keep things positive here at WORLDOFHURTONLINE.COM.  Sure, the strip is in the middle of a murder mystery, but I try not to be too negative or overly critical in my blog posts.  WORLDOFHURTONLINE.COM is supposed to be a celebration of a genre, a style, and a moment in time.

But sometimes bullshit has to be called by its name.  Thankfully, Valerie D’Orazio at Occasional Superheroine sums up my thoughts about the matter quite nicely.

As a writer and producer for the animated series, Justice League, which featured some of the best Justice League stories in any form, Mr. McDuffie obviously demonstrated his familiarity with the property.  One would presume that Mr. McDuffie was tasked to bring that same skill, care, and craft to the comic book itself when he was assigned to write Justice League of America by DC Comics.  Mr. McDuffie ran fast and hard with that mandate, but seemed creatively hobbled time and time again by capricious editorial fiat.  Now they act surprised that he said his foot hurt.


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  1. Rodbuddah says:

    Let’s face it, Mainstream is definitely taking FULL advantage of anything that threatens their power base, and opposes those who threaten their structure— within and without!
    Dwayne simply got caught up in that. Of course, I do find it odd that someone who can WRITE team scenarios can’t even have access to the primary TEAM members in which to tell the stories!
    DC can claim the Big Bullshit ‘no-prize’ for that one!

  2. John Aston says:

    In fairness, the series wasn’t that great under any of the writers since its relaunch (barring the Eisner blip for best single issue).

    I don’t understand DC anymore. They can’t seem to apply a method Marvel constantly uses to allowing for ongoing arcs to be left untouched by continuity. Surely the same practice could be applied by DC. After all, they were publishing a weekly series featuring a dead Batman, an off-planet Superman and a Wonder Woman not many are reading within an out-of-current-continuity series.

    I would expect the next writer to experience the same restraints as McDuffie.

  3. admin says:

    I don’t profess to have any inside knowledge of the workings of DC Comics, so I could be completely wrong, but based on statements from those involved with DC and from the company’s output, there seems to be a very heavy-handed, top-down, micro-managerial editorial approach. Long term plans are painted in broad, loose strokes, like a watercolor painting. Sometimes the results can be beautiful but editorial seems to get panicky and change things on a whim, rarely letting the creative “paint” sit long enough to find out if the final result will be pleasing.

    It would appear as if The Powers That Be either lack vision or don’t trust their vision. How else do you explain the whiplash changes in the Shazam Family? However, as much as DC Editorial may distrust their own vision, they seem to have even less faith in the ideas of anyone outside a small circle of trusted scribes.

    - JEP


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