THE THRILL-SEEKERS 12 – “…No One Can Touch Us!”

THE THRILL-SEEKERS 12 – “…No One Can Touch Us!”

hubris -   Pronunciation: \ˈhyü-brəs\  – Excessive pride displayed by a character, at times taking the form of a boastful challenge…often resulting in harsh punishment.

- The World Literature Website

Next week, Pastor returns to center stage.  His investigation is in full swing, and he’s coming closer to putting Ned Belmont’s challenge to the test!


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  1. Love the smoke effect in the last panel. You’ve done a great job creating your villians. I can’t wait for them to get what’s coming to them.

  2. Jay Potts says:

    TPM- Gracias! The smoke effect was a last minute addition with Doc Marten’s Pro White. Old school, baby!

    Also, now I realize I dropped the end-quote in the last balloon. Dang it!!

  3. Parker says:

    “We’ll make a donation to his building fund…” nice line and another fine strip. Up to this point I had thought Charles was our main heavy. But that last panel really sold Ned.

  4. Jay Potts says:

    Ned, Charles, and Tuck really started to evolve the further I got into the story. Before it’s over, you’ll actually see a small character arc for each one, and they will present different sides of themselves. Each side will be pretty ugly and venal, but none of them are quite what they appear to be from first impressions.

    Thanks, Parker, and I’m glad you stopped by again. I’m always glad to have repeat customers.:)

    - JEP

  5. Doug G. says:

    Aw man … great portrait of the weasly Charles last week and now the slimy Ned.

    That grin is made all the more sinister by the Magnum P.I. meets ’70s porn star moustache. And I’m assuming that’s a big ol’ snifter of Courvoisier? Busta would be proud.

  6. Yeah, Ned looks like a real bastard. Good job. Check your it’s/its again, though, young man.

  7. Jay Potts says:

    It’s Its It’s probably a sad, simple fact that I’ll probably never get that right. If I’m batting .500 on the its/it’s thing, its it’s it IS a good day for me.

    - JEP

    BTW- I’m Twittering (Tweeting?) now and added The Juice*. I’m at World_Of_Hurt.

  8. Jay Potts says:

    Doug G.-

    I wanted to give each of the cockroaches a little moment in the sun.

    Also, in a deleted panel, I had Ned wearing Air Force 1’s. Then I realized I didn’t want the St. Lunatic’s demographic. Flip Mode!

    - JEP

  9. ghettoManga says:

    good old-fashioned storytellin’… found your site thanks to that dude Rod of Planet Griffin. i’ll be around…

  10. Jay Potts says:

    ghettoManga- I appreciate that. Just trying to give the reader something new by way of character, plot, or both every week.

    I’ve checked out your site from the link at You’re ridin’ the hip-hop bleeding edge over there, so it’s nice to know that I’ve got the chops to hang.

    Rodbuddah. Man, that cat’s like the Pope when it comes to spreading the “gospel” of Pastor!

    Love the gravatar, by the way. Gotta get one of those…

    - JEP

  11. Guess Who says:

    Perhaps you should ask some writer you know to read over your text each week. Then, Angry White Man will have to find something else to grouse about.

  12. Jay Potts says:

    6/26/09 – The punctuation error AWM pointed out has been fixed. Thanks, Angry White Man!
    (Never thought I’d say that…)

    - JEP

  13. Njeri says:

    re-reading and I liked this one.

  14. Jay Potts says:


    Hey, Njeri! I was pretty happy with the dialogue, too, because there’s some subtext layered in there to go with the character work, and it also established that “Pastor” was just a nickname. The first part of this was actually intended as a bit of a dig at the modern “prosperity gospel” that seems so prevalent these days. Also, this one really cemented my desire to see Ned suffer, because he came off as such a cocky prick. (Is that redundant?)

    - JEP


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