On Wednesday, I promised a major announcement for WORLD OF HURT, and today, I plan to deliver.  I am extremely proud to announce that The Internet’s #1 Blaxploitation Webcomic will find its second home on, the Internet’s premier home for comic book news, reviews, and information.

Don’t worry, of course, new episodes of WORLD OF HURT will continue to be posted every Wednesday, right here at, but starting next week, “re-runs” of WORLD OF HURT,beginning with the very first episode of “The Thrill-Seekers,” will run every Tuesday and Thursday at Blog @ Newsarama.  Think of it in the same way as a syndicated TV show like The Office.  Every Thursday, NBC airs new episodes, but you can also find previous episodes in syndication on your local TV station.   It is a tremendous promotional opportunity to reach new readers and spread the “gospel” of Pastor to fans of comic fans who may not have found the site otherwise.

I am very proud to be part of the Blog @ Newsarama family.  Troy Brownfield and David Pepose of have been extremely accommodating and helpful.  In order to introduce WORLD OF HURT to the audience, David conducted an interview with me this past week.  I was honest and candid as possible, and hopefully it gives you some insight into how WORLD OF HURT came to be, what I’ve learned along the way, and what more I want to accomplish.  The interview was posted last night and can be found HERE.

I can’t believe how far this little strip has come in the past six months.  Everyone has been so receptive and positive about the strip thus far.  I’d like to thank everyone who has discovered this site for sticking around for the ride, and I’d like to welcome all the new “WORLD” Travelers who have just joined us in progress.  I urge you all to buckle up and hunker down, ’cause it only gets more fun from here.

On another note, in three days, the ever-popular feature, Off-Topic Mondays, returns to WORLDOFHURTONLINE.


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  1. Parker says:

    That is so AWESOME Jay! Congrats, you deserve it.

    Also, the Newsarama interview was good. When you mentioned putting ‘The Thrill-Seekers’ in a broadsheet newspaper format I got excited. I want to make plans to go to a convention you’re attending to pick one up.

  2. colin says:

    Excellent! Congrats!

    Reading your interview is very interesting. To read World of Hurt, it appears to be an absolute exhibition of confidence, but the back story of your anxiety is fascinating.

    Needless to say, good on ya and keep up the great work. I’m in it for the long haul.


  3. Jay Potts says:

    I love The Venture Bros., but I totally forgot about the ‘Speed Suit’ name. Didn’t Dr. Venture try to have Dean fitted with one?

    I’m excited about the print format, too (If I can pull it off). I think I might try HeroesCon next year and maybe an Atlanta convention or two, but beyond that, I don’t know. However, of course I’ll offer any compilations for sale on the site. By then, I should have a real online store, and not just the CafePress R&D site.

    I needed an iconic Las Vegas hotel, and I’m glad the Stardust fit the bill.

    Thanks again, Parker.

    - JEP

  4. Jay Potts says:


    Dealing with that anxiety was a huge deal for me, and it’s good to know I don’t let it show too much with WORLD OF HURT. I came closest to letting it overwhelm me again during my fourth week on the strip.

    I know it sound cliche, but I wanted to let other artists, or creative types, who were going through the same thing, know that other people have had similar experiences and there are ways to overcome it.

    - JEP

    - JEP

  5. Rodbuddah says:

    Big Congrats to you, Jay! Seems like your World is really blowing up! Not to worry: PLANET GRIFFIN salutes you as you now go out to solidify that NEXT 100 status.

    Your time is now, partner!
    Don’t forget us:)

  6. Jay Potts says:

    Thanks for all your support, Rodney! Actually, as soon as I finished that interview, I realized there were about two or three more folks that deserved shout-outs, and Planet Griffin was one of them. Now I know how those actors feel at awards presentations. Only I didn’t have an excuse, because no one cued up the music to bum rush me off stage.

    - JEP


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