THE BLACK FIST 56 – Trial By Fire
January 25th, 2012

THE BLACK FIST 56 – Trial By Fire

Aaand we’re back!

I want to thank everyone for sticking by me during this long hiatus.  It was really an unscheduled mental health vacation for me.  With the holidays and everything else that’s been going on, I realized I needed some time to take care of myself, have a more normal schedule, and enjoy some time with my wife.  Honestly, I haven’t even logged on to check my stats in ages, but I really, REALLY appreciate all your support.

As I came up to this strip, I had some real ambivalence about Pastor torturing a helpless man in such a cold-blooded manner, so I struggled with how I was going to play this scene. I decided to have Pastor mirror that ambivalence.  Despite his earlier bravado, he’s wrestling with himself about the ugly work he feels he has to do.


Discussion (21)¬

  1. Doug G says:

    Deft handling of a tricky subject. Pastor feels like he needs to get rough, but very clear he doesn’t like it. You can tell he’s hoping the guy spills his guts before he has to ultimately decide whether to go through with the nastiness.

    Also … welcome back, Jay. Couldn’t be happier.

  2. Brad Wright says:

    Welcome back Jay!

    Pastor has always been a hard man doing a hard man’s job. Never gratuitously violent, just focused. He’s got a couple of eggs to break if he’s gonna make the omlette

  3. Tim says:

    Ambivalence is a byproduct when there’s bloodwork to be done. This is the dilemma for any Hero of weight. However make sure you don’t allow him to wallow in self pity for too long. Remember, Pastor is doing it for those he cares about, not money. So if a fascist bigot has to receive a 3rd degree natural gas tan so be it:-)

  4. Jay Potts says:

    Well said. Part of the tagline for THE THRILL-SEEKERS graphic novel is “Sometimes good people need a bad man.” I always imagined Pastor as a guy who did some very ugly things to help people and to keep them from having to experience the things he has. He’s damaged, but you’ll never see him wallowing in despair over it. He does what he feels has to be done.

    - JEP

  5. Jay Potts says:

    @Brad Wright and @Doug G-
    Thanks! It’s good to be back.

    - JEP

  6. Guess Who says:

    A shirtless Pastor is always a treat for the female fans, even if he’s doing something bad.

  7. An interesting choice, but when I first read this update my thought was “Huh? Did I miss an update?” Reading your description makes it clear, but it was a bit of an abrupt transition for me.

  8. Good to see you back in the saddle, Jay. And in grand form as usual. We do love what you do and know life is life, meaning it can lift us, break us down, get in the way, and show the way. Just know you have fans and friends out there who care. As my grandfather used to say, keep on keeping on.

  9. Edel says:

    Hasn’t been an update in awhile! Is the comic currently on pause?

  10. Scott Salsman says:

    I still find myself checking this site every few days, all these months later. Anyone else?

  11. Dre says:

    I just asked Jay on Twitter if it is coming back

  12. Doc Walter says:

    @Scott Salsman: You’re not alone. I check in every week hoping that life has resumed for Pastor. I guess I’ll just have to keep checking.

  13. Mistah Pete says:

    Hope you’re keeping busy with something exciting, Jay.

  14. Dre says:

    No answer on Twitter. You guys take it easy

  15. alekesam says:

    What’s going on with this comic? I just lucked across it a few months ago and I’m all caught up. Are they going to finish it or no?

  16. Doc Walter says:

    @alekesam: That’s what we’re waiting to see, man. The past year was a rough one for Jay — refer back to his news/blog posts for the whole story — and nobody here is really sure what’s going on right now. I say keep checking back every month or so; if this was really the end of the line, I think Jay would have at least let us know so we weren’t left hanging. In the meantime, I recommend getting your fill of Shaft-style funk-era badassery with Brian McLachlan’s “retrosexual” webcomic, “Smooth ‘n’ Natural” ( Brian’s on extended break, having already wrapped up the first official saga in the lives of brothers Lucas and Luthor Love, but everything’s been brought full-circle so you won’t be tormented by another cliffhanger. Brian also made links to two of his earlier story arcs available to enjoy next to the comments section on each page.

    To everyone else still checking in, I realized last week that there’s absolutely no mention of the graphic novel whatsoever in the online store. Am I the only one who finds that worrying?

  17. Doc Walter says:


    The parenthesis at the end messed up the link; sorry about that!

  18. Scotty T says:

    I’m living in a World of Hurt without my weekly comic fix. C’mon dude don’t let us down! Hope you are doing well, I know it’s been a tough year for you.

  19. Dre says:

    still no update

  20. Dre says:

    Hey guys,

    Still no word. I guess we can call it a wrap. In the meantime, check out my kickstarter campaign.

  21. Doc Walter says:

    Things are a bit dusty around here, but at least they’re still standing. Jay, if you can see this, some of us still come around here to blow out the cobwebs, man. I hope you’re doing alright.


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