To The Fans Of WORLD OF HURT (Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.)

Hey all,

As you can see, there’s no update this morning, so I just wanted to take some time to talk to you.  If you’ve been following the strip for any length of time, you know that recent updates have been a little more sporadic than usual. There was once a time when you could set your watch by the Wednesday morning updates. Also, if you’ve following the strip for any length of time, you are probably aware of some of the personal issues that have occurred during the run of “The Black Fist.” The whole strip started under a dark cloud of family illness.  When I thought it was clearing up, the bottom fell out.   Honestly, it’s made it hard to focus at times and I find myself increasing ly withdrawn. I’m responding to comments les.s (Please forgive me, because I really appreciate them, so please keep leaving them)  Also, I’ve been checking my stats less often, when previously, there were some days when I’d check them hourly.   Some of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook might have even noticed that I’ve been using social media less and less. I’m OK, it’s just my way of dealing with loss, I guess.

Anyway, I want to assure you that I am completing “The Black Fist” arc and there’ll still be weekly updates, but the Wednesday updates may now be anytime Wednesday through Friday for a short spell, while I sort things out.  Also, I’m mostly done with this week’s strip, but I’m banking it until next week, just to give myself a little mental breathing room. 

Y’know, even as I was thinking about writing this to you, I finally came up to a solution to one of the story elements of the strip that I’ve been struggling with.  I guess just getting it off my chest has made me feel a little better already.  I want to take care of you as much as you’ve taken care of me with your comments, contributions, and loyalty to the strip since I started WORLD OF HURT, and you deserve to know what’s going on.

Also, Mom, I know you check every Wednesday, too.  I’m fine. We’ll all be fine.  It just takes some time, but it’s good to know there are friends and family out there who love and support you.  I just wanted them to know how I’m doing.


THE BLACK FIST 48- Blackjack

When I was younger, I used to watch those detective movies where the hero would get clocked by some thug with a blackjack.  I never believed those tiny little hand-held weapons could actually render someone unconscious until I bought a couple now I’m a believer.

Thanks for your patience again this week, but hopefully a new strip is a good way to start the weekend.

Book update: I got an e-mail from the printer today and it seems like I’ll be getting the first round of proofs a few days sooner than scheduled.  I can’t wait!


“WORLD OF HURT: The Thrill-Seekers” Graphic Novel Update

Hello everyone!

I finally have a printing schedule for the book.  I had to go through a couple revisions with the printer. It was a real learning process, but they were very patient in working with me to make sure the files were correct and we both got what we needed from the other. 

In the interest of transparency, below is the schedule exactly as I received it. 

• Ozalids + Proofs send out from HK – 13 Oct 11
• Ozalids + Proofs rec’d by you in USA – 17 Oct 11
• Approved ozalids + proofs send out from USA – 18 Oct 11
• Approval ozalids + proofs rec’d by me in HK – 21 Oct 11
• Printed Sheets send out from HK – 02 Nov 11
• Printed Sheets rec’d by you in USA – 04 Nov 11
• Approval by email – 05 Nov 11
• Advance copies send out from HK – 15 Nov 11
• Advance copies rec’d by you in USA – 17 Nov 11
• Approval by email – 18 Nov 11
• Bulk Ex-Factory – 23 Nov 11

 Yeah, I struggle with “printer-ese,” too. Bottom line: If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have advance copies by November 17th and then I should have all the books in hand in early December, since bulk ex-factory is a worse case scenario on when the books will leave the factory in Hong Kong. Everyone should have their copies in time for Christmas. (What a lovely gift, eh?)

Again, thank you so much for your patience.  If anything changes, I’ll let you know.



My sincerest apologies. My wife and I are on a much-needed vacation in Maine this week, therefore, I won’t have an update this week. This morning, I realized I had forgotten to program an update into my cache.  I’m sending this from the library in Bar Harbor, Maine on our way to a whale-watching tour.  We’ve done some hiking and eaten lobster and had a really good time, so far.  I look forward to bringing you more adventures next week, including a run-down of Columbia’s Cola-Con.

See you next week!



I’m sure you all remember the satirical, action-comedy Blaxploitation film, Black Dynamite, which was released in 2009? Well, the minds behind the film have never stopped, Michael Jai White, Scott Sanders, Byron Minns, and Adrian Younge, their hustle when it comes to promoting the property. The Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra (featuring C.E. Garcia, who created and performed the WORLD OF HURT theme song, “The Black Fist”), has racked up an impressive and steady series of tour dates.  Last winter, the comic book, Black Dynamite: Slave Island, was released through Ars Nova.  Michael Jai White and Scott Sanders remain popular, and entertaining, convention and podcast guests.  The Black Dynamite team also secured a deal with Cartoon Network to create a cartoon based on the film.  The animated series is scheduled to debut on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, however, the 11 minute pilot was released online this week.

The plot of the 11-minute pilot involves Black Dynamite and his crew being recruited by the CIA to recover a group of rogue psy-ops operatives who are plotting to take over the world by controlling its children.  The operatives just happen to be foul-mouthed, gun-toting analogues to the beloved Sesame Street characters.  Their ringleader, and the highlight of the show, is one T.F. (”That Frog”) Curtis, a spaghetti-limbed puppet played with lisping, pimped-out, expletive-laced gusto by J.B. Smoove.

Black Dynamite, the movie, was anything but restrained and prudish, but the animated pilot boasts a tone and sensibility that is even more raucus than the film.  Unfettered from the budget restraints of live action, and seemingly unmoored from the influence of the MPAA, the animated Black Dynamite is more violent, sexy and profane than his movie counterpart.  While it was not above (below?) the movie version of Black Dynamite to exploit his sexual prowess in order to extract the secret of Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken recipe, we never saw anything close to the giddy raunchiness of a puppet slapping Black Dynamite’s sidekick, Cream Corn, across the face with his “frog dick.”  Visually, and in its sensibilities, the animated Black Dynamite feels like the fever dream of The Boondocks’ Riley Freeman after a bout with the fried chicken flu. (This may stem from the fact that the cartoon boasts some of the same creative team as The Boondocks, including artist, LeSean Thomas.)

One of my favorite pull quotes was found on the back of Frank Miller’s Elektra: Assassin, which read “…I think we need to protect our children from this.”  The quote was attributed to the Fort Worth Evening Star-Telegram. I’m inclined to believe the reviewer intended for the line to denigrate the book, but it just served to celebrate the work’s rebellious, manic, sexy and violent spirit.  To me, and I’m sure that to whoever authorized its use on the Elektra: Assassin compilation, the line was the highest compliment.  Well, I think we need to protect our children from Black Dynamite: The Animated Series.


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