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Chris Sims, one of the most entertaining personalities in comic book blogging, and friend of WORLD OF HURT, is mostly known for his undying love of Batman, his encyclopedic knowledge of the entire Bring It On film series, and his hilarious commentary of comics like Tarot or Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, which he dutifully provides on a daily basis in his own Invincible Super-Blog, as a contributor for the website Comics Alliance, and most recently in his War Rocket Ajax podcast with collaborator, Eugene Ahn .  Point  blank, he’s a prolific writer and a funny guy.  However, his most recent article on Comics Alliance, entitled, “The Racial Politics of Riverdale: Why an Interracial Kiss Is Still a Big Deal,” provides a fascinating, thoughtful insight and analysis of how one of comic books’ most venerable companies has approached the subject of race throughout its publishing history.  Sims’ assessment of Archie Comics’ attitued toward race is not always flattering, but the company has demonstrated a slow, progressive arc toward inclusion and tolerance that is reassuring and promising for a company that publishes one of the most important “gateway” comic book lines for new readers being introduced to the medium.

The fact that the article is well-done, well-researched, and interesting is typical for Sims’ work.  However, in tone, it is atypically serious for a writer who giddily insists that Batman chucking a car battery at a villain as a high-point in Western literature. 

Finally, a special tip of the hat to Chris for quitting his day job and transitioning into freelance writing full-time.  Bravo, Chris!



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