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It’s that time of year when everyone is rolling out their Best Of The Year columns, awards, lists, etc. and is no exception.  As a reminder, the nominees are:

And my selection for Unsung Bad Mother****** Of The Year is…Carl Weathers!

Without a doubt, one of the primary non-webcomic generators of traffic to this site is my July 31, 2009 blog entry which sung the praises of Apollo Creed of the Rocky films.  Every day, dozens of people arrive at this site by using search terms related to Carl Weathers’ iconic character, and thi is how I made this determination.  The actual prizes for The Unsung Bad Mother****** of The Year Award  include  a “Bad Motherfucker” wallet, which has generously been provided by our new sponsor, and a framed copy of the  following proclamation:


(Click to enlarge)

Now here’s the thing, I don’t want this to just be an exercise in me flapping my gums.  I would love for Mr. Weathers to actually accept this award and know that there is so much love for him out there.  “How can we make that happen?” you ask.  Good question. Carl Weathers is active on Twitter as @TheCarlWeathers.”  My goal is to let Mr. Weathers know of his award via Twitter and for him to Tweet his ”acceptance speech”  You can find WORLD OF HURT on Twitter under @World_Of_Hurt

[UPDATED December 11, 2009 at 4:41 PM.  Mr. Weathers Tweeted his acknowledgment.  Thanks for your help everyone!]

I hope you will join me and get your friends and respective Tweeples involved.  You just have to Tweet @TheCarlWeathers once, but re-Tweet to your heart’s content.  Also, this campaign will end at midnight, Wednesday, December 16, 2009, because I don’t want to harass the poor guy to death. 

I’ve included some suggested Tweets below, but please feel free to use your imagination and judgment  (I’ve included the tinyurl that leads directly to the post):

  • @TheCarlWeathers You are cordially invited to accept your Unsung Bad Mother****** Award #unsungbmf
  • Nobel?? @TheCarlWeathers named Unsung Bad Mother****** of the Year by #Blaxploitation comic @World_Of_Hurt

Now, to sweeten the pot, I will put the name of anybody who Tweets @TheCarlWeathers advising him of the award into a hat.  Regardless of whether or not he accepts the award, I will draw a name from that group of Tweeters or re-Tweeters.Mr. Weathers does accept before midnight Wednesday, December 16, 2009, the winner of the drawing will receive an original, inked illustration by me suitable-for-framing and a snazzy WORLD OF HURT t-shirt.  If Mr. Weathers has not accepted his award by the allotted time, then the winner of the drawing will still receive a t-shirt.  The winner will be announced on Friday, December 18, 2009.

I hope you join in and help get the word out.






At long last, the OFFICIAL WORLD OF HURT ONLINE STORE is open for business!  I’m not talking about a CafePress store.  I’m talking about merchandise designed, inspected and vetted by me.  My goal is to locate the best vendors I could find in order to provide merchandise that had the look, feel, and quality that I would want as a consumer.  Right now, there are just three (3) items: the first t-shirt, the button, and the Acme Comics: Escape Pod anthology I participated in last year.  Shortly, I’ll also add commissions and prints, as well.

This is my first time operating as a merchant through Paypal, but hopefully I got all the glitches out.  (I’m particularly concerned about the shipping charges for the buttons.  If you only want to order a button, the shipping charge should only be one dollar.  If it charges you more than that, just drop me a line at so I can fix that.)  Also, I hope you forgive the wordplay in the ad copy.  I couldn’t help myself.


Prints Of The City

WOH Prints

I designed these prints for HeroesCon and I’ll soon be adding them to the World Of Hurt Online Store.  The posters were done by, and they provided fast, expedient service and did a tremendous job.  It was the first time I had tried my hands at this particular product, and Jennifer and Nick at were very friendly and kind enough to walk me through the process.  They patiently endured the revisions that I made to the posters and even accommodated a last minute change in the delivery address.  The end results were high-quality, 11″ X 17″ prints on nice, heavy cardstock.  If you’re in the market for someone to produce posters  or comics for you, I’d definitely recommend these guys.  I saw other work they did for RavenHammer Comics and everything they do is top-notch. recently started a Facebook page, so stop on by and check out some more of the fantastic work they’re producing.



Today is the eleventh birthday of my nephew, Ryan.  I’m very proud of him.  He’s a bright, clever, talented, respectful kid and a great big brother to his sister, Taylor.  Another thing I love about him is that at such a young age, he’s already found a niche in life and he’s pursuing it with all the passion and energy that youth allows. 

At the tender age of 11, Ryan is already building his own multi-media empire.  He loves to create his own movies, which he posts on his own YouTube channel.  (He successfully lobbied his father for a second YouTube channel which will have a different focus, so he already understands the value of branding!)  Ryan’s filmed his own talkshow, with a studio audience of neighborhood kids, then sold the DVDs of the show.  However, the crown jewel of the nascent empire is his pro-wrestling blog, RPD’s ArmBAR Pro Wrestling Review.  Since he started the blog in March 2010, Ryan has been updating it religiously with reviews of WWE and TNA’s weekly programs and even conducts his own original interviews.  He’s like a modern day “Mean” Gene Okerlund!  I’m a big wrestling fan, but Ryan came by his appreciation for it independently.  (Although I did help him name the site, from my own love of technical, submission wrestling and Chris Jericho’s famous “Man of 1004 Holds” promo.)  On weeks when I might miss the shows, I’ll go to the ArmBAR to catch up on what happened.

Ryan is thoroughly enjoys the “sports” aspect of “sports entertainment,” but also gets that it is “entertainment.”  This is who pro-wrestling was made for.  He IS their intended audience, so for a unique, fun, non-jaded perspective on the world of pro-wrestling from the eyes of a 10 an eleven-year old, you can’t go wrong with the ArmBAR Pro Wrestling Review.  When you do, tell him that “Uncle” sent you.  Whattya think about that, Ryan?

Ryan 1

Thought so.  Happy birthday!




One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve had for some time has been “When do you plan on publishing a WORLD OF HURT collection?”  For a while, my standard answer has been, “I think some time in 2011.”  However, the new answer has to be, “It’s up to you.”  I don’t have the money to self-publish, so like many artists, I’m turning to the website,, to generate the funds I need to publish a compilation of The Thrill-Seekers.  My intent has always been to publish a hardcover, but the unique size and landscape format of 13″ X 6.5″ that I want to showcase the original dimensions of the strips make it a little more expensive than a standard black and white comic.  That’s why I need your help.  Please spread the word far and wide to help make this publishing venture a reality. Hopefully, on the Kickstarter page you’ll find a nice set of incentives to at least pre-order your own book and get your friends to do the same.  If I’m successful by the fundraising deadline, I should have the books in hand by the time HeroesCon rolls around in early June.

I also hope you enjoy the WORLD OF HURT “trailer” I created for the Kickstarter site using some of my favorite moments from the strip and the remarkable theme song created by C.E. Garcia.  (Remember, the theme is available for sale exclusively on iTunes for the low, low price of 99 cents.)
As always thank you for your help and for supporting WORLD OF HURT.  You can find the Kickstarter link here.


“WORLD OF HURT” Goes On The Road To HeroesCon


This weekend, I’ll be attending HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC.  It’s my first convention of the year and I’m certainly looking forward to it.  I’ll be driving up with artist extraordinaire and king of the comic book hustle, Mr. Sanford Greene, on Friday. Once I’m there, you can find me at Table AA-210, where I’ll be joined by the talented Messrs Jeremy Summey and Steve Howard.  Jeremy did an incredible job coloring the cover of the WORLD OF HURT: The Thrill-Seekers hardcover.  Jeremy’s brother, Anthony, is kicking out a swash-buckling webcomic entitled, Delacroix & The Daring, every week at    

I’ll be selling two new posters, prints, buttons, sketches and some original art for sale, too.  So, if you’re in the area, c’mon down, say “hey,” hang out, and maybe drop some scratch while you’re at it.

Also, this year’s HeroesCon also marks the first time that I will be taking part in a convention panel discussion.  Just three years ago, I was sitting in the audience of a webcomics panel featuring Danielle Corsetto (, Julia Wertz  (, and Nicholas Gurewitch (, thinking, “Maybe I could do this,too,” now here I am.  Listening to them lay out the ups and downs of webcomics in blunt, but humorous, terms, was an inspiration, and it’s an honor to be part of this new tradition.,

Here’s the copy from the Heroescon schedule which shows you when and where to find me.

Friday, June 3rd

4:00 PM

Kickstarter: A New Way To Fund Personal Projects
Room 206

Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the
world. Every month, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of comics, music, film, art, design and other creative fields. Join Dustin Harbin, Jay Potts, and Jeremy Bastian as they discuss their experiences using this new resource to publish comic projects.

Sunday,  June 5th

2:30 PM

THE WEB COMICS: Solo Shocker
Room 207BCD

Join Rich Barrett (, Mike Maihack (, Tom Scioli (, Jay Potts (THAT’S ME!) and Drew Weing (, Joey Weiser ( they tell Dollar Bin’s Adam Daughhetee what it’s like go it alone making some of the most exciting Web comics out there in the ether.)as

I look forward to seeing you guys there.  Drive safe!


-  JEP

“WORLD OF HURT: The Thrill-Seekers” Poster

We repurposed the cover art for the graphic novel into this swank poster.  I’ll be adding it to the online store shortly.WORLD OF HURT-The Thrillseekers Poster - 052611

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