Several qualities make brain preparation powerful. Experts have integrated each of them into the expert course plan for CogniFit inc for one.


At the time one takes the brain training, experts ask one to pass an exam to assess the exposure so that we can customize the preparation and make it unique to one. Studies have shown that initially, one should be sensibly tested, but not overwhelmed by the brain works. The most extreme results should be achieved when one works at the best – so we’ve adapted our course to suit one.

Explicit objective

Each brain practice offering is designed to focus on the specific brain capabilities one wants in the everyday life. Experts will give one practice that meets exactly these goals. With the quiz, the brain will get in shape quickly!

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As with anything in everyday life, careful discipline brings promising results – the more one train, the better one becomes. Then we suggest daily instructional courses with our brain activities of about 15 minutes. Inspiration is the enchanted word here. Try to get loved ones to follow along and see who gets the highest score. Having someone to prepare with will make one substantially more inspiring. Brain prep is useful for all ages, so anyone can keep up with it – and a little competition never hurt anyone.


Studies have shown that if a task does not increase in problems, the brain will become exhausted and will start automating the cycle. Then, inevitably, one will no longer be tested. The more one plays Sudoku, the better one gets, but the brain is usually not tested when one gets better. That’s because the brain rebuilds itself – mastering one test and automating it to be prepared for the next. While this is perfect for tasks we need to do consistently, for example driving a vehicle or riding a bike, the brain needs new difficulties to stay in shape. The level of our brain practices increases with every game one play, to keep the brain consistently tested and working at its maximum operation.

Custom brain works

People often try to keep their brains dynamic using games. And keeping in mind that these are certainly all useless pranks, they are unfortunately not extremely powerful in preparing the brain. Science has come up with a much better method for staying intellectually dynamic: the personalized brain works!